Beginner II
Suitable For:
  1. 2 years and up; those who have NO prior knowledge of the language
  1. Beginner IIA (1 DVD, 1 CD, 1 song book) 15 songs
  2. Beginner IIB (1 DVD, 1 CD, 1 song book) 15 songs
  3. Additional Resources Available below.
  1. Easy learning utilizing songs and DVD animations.
  2. The more effective, fun, and easier way to learning new sentence structures through pattern and repetition.
Beginner 2A:
1 My Body
2 My Family
3 My Home
4 My Room
5 Let's Count to 12
6 Beautiful Colors
7 Fruit
8 Food
9 Manners
10 Can You?
11 Would You?
12 Transportation
13 Learning is Fun
14 Be Careful
15 My Body I (Original)

Beginner 2B:
16 I Really Want To (I)
17 Sing, Sing, Sing!
18 Opposites
19 He Is, I'm Not!
20 I'm Afraid!
21 Bugs!
22 My Friend
23 Making Friends
24 Success Belongs to You
25 We Need a Method
26 Who Helps You?
27 Thank You for Everything
28 Little Grass
29 I Really Want To (II)
30 Ants

Additional Resources:
Teacher's Manual Q&A: For student-teacher role-play activity
Teacher's Manual Beginner IIA
Teacher's Manual Beginner IIB
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