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  Advanced I  
  Suitable For  
  Those with the ability to speak clearly and comprehensibly, read, and write simple stories.  
  Advanced IA (1 DVD, 3 CD, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Advanced IB (1 DVD, 3 CD, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Additional Resources available below (teacher's manual, textbook, workbook)  
  1. Subjects that are relevant to the life of high school students: “How to Apply to a University”, “Preparing Yourself for a Job Interview”, “How to Prepare Yourself for the SAT Test”, etc. make the songs more interesting and useful.
  2. More advanced level of reading and writing exercises are included in the textbook and workbook.
  See Table of Contents below.  
  Advanced IA:  
1 SAT考前准备
2 不同地域的服饰特色
3 如何申请大学
4 学习外语的好处
5 医疗保健的差异
6 怎么样成为一位律师
7 求职面试前的准备
8 有效的学习方法
9 宪法常识
10 科技的冲击与影响
11 请相信自己
12 国家与体制
13 我爸爸的建议
14 无悔无惧
15 成功的秘诀
  Additional Resources:  
Textbook Advanced IA:  
Workbook Advanced IA:  
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