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  Intermediate I  
  Suitable For  
  Those with the ability to speak and understand simple basics of the language  
  Intermediate IA (1 DVD, 3 CD, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Intermediate IB (1 DVD, 3 CD, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Additional Resources available below (teacher's manual, textbook, workbook)  
  1. More in-depth learning system with the addition of a textbook and workbook.
  2. Textbook and workbook exercises reinforce vocabulary and introduce grammatical patterns learned through songs and animations.
  See Table of Contents below.  
  Intermediate IA:  
1 My Body II
2 Color and Shapes
3 Hobbies
4 My Room II
5  Numbers (I) and Days of the Week
6 Fruit II
7 Food II
8 Clothes II
9 Transportation II
10 Kitchen
11 Classroom
12 My Feelings
13 My Body Moves
14 What to Do When You Get Hurt
15 How to Reach Your Goals
  Intermediate IB:  
16 I Go Ape for Fruit
17 Everybody
18 Instrument Song
19 My Little Kitten Gray
20 I Love My Planet
21 Colors
22 Let's Eat Healthy Food
23 Healthy Classroom Exercises 
24 Mr. Farmer
25 Follow All the Rules
26 Daily Actions
27 Adjectives
28 Classroom Activities
29 Daily Greetings, Weather
30 Park I
  Additional Resources:  
Teacher's Manual Q&A:
For student-teacher role-play activity
  Teacher's Manual Intermediate IA:  
Teacher's Manual Intermediate IB:  
Textbook Intermediate IA:  
Textbook Intermediate IB:  
Workbook Intermediate IA:  
Workbook Intermediate IB:  
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