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  Advanced I  
  Suitable For  
  Those with the ability to speak clearly and comprehensibly, read, and write simple stories.  
  Advanced IA (1 DVD, 3 CD, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Advanced IB (1 DVD, 3 CD, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Additional Resources available below (teacher's manual, textbook, workbook)  
  1. Subjects that are relevant to the life of high school students: “How to Apply to a University”, “Preparing Yourself for a Job Interview”, “How to Prepare Yourself for the SAT Test”, etc. make the songs more interesting and useful.
  2. More advanced level of reading and writing exercises are included in the textbook and workbook.
  See Table of Contents below.  
  Advanced IA:  
1 Preparing for the SAT
2 Cultural Variety in Clothing
3 Applying for College
4 Why Learn Foreign Languages?
5 Cultural Differences in Healthcare
6 Preparing to Be an Attorney
7 Preparing for a Job Interview
8 Developing Good Study Habits
9 The Constitution
10 Technology in the Modern World
11 Believe in Yourself
12 Political Science
13 My Parents' Advice
14 How to Live Without Regret
15 The Secret of Success
  Advanced IB:  
16 How to Get Ahead
17 Historic People and Their Community
18 Various Habitats of Animals
19 Events in My Community
20 Cultural Rites of Passage
21 Our Environment
22 Do You Know That I Love You
23 The Geography of the U.S.
24 Scholastic and Extracurriculars
25 Important Events in U.S. History
26 Career Paths and Future Goals
27 The Body and Essential Nutrients
28 Do You Know How to Drive?
29 Preparing to Be a Doctor
30 How to Save Energy
  Additional Resources:  
  Textbook Advanced IA:  
Textbook Advanced IB:  
Workbook Advanced IA:  
Workbook Advanced IB:  
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