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  Beginner II  
  Suitable For  
  2 years and up; those who have NO prior knowledge of the language  
  Beginner IIA (1 DVD, 1 CD, 1 song book) 15 songs  
  Beginner IIB (1 DVD, 1 CD, 1 song book) 15 songs  
  Additional Resources Available below.  
  1. Easy learning utilizing songs and DVD animations.
  2. The more effective, fun, and easier way to learning new sentence structures through pattern and repetition.
  Sing2Pattern category is divided into two parts. The first part, Combo A, consists of song # 101-115. The second part, Combo B, consists of song # 116-130(coming soon). Please see our complete subject titles as follows:  
  Beginner IIA:  
1 身体的器官
2 我的家人
3 我的家 
4 我的房间 
5 学数数
6 美丽的颜色
7 水果
8 感谢食物
9 请你说请
10 你可以吗?
11 你可以帮我吗?
12 交通工具
13 我想要学
14 不要
15 身体的器官 (全版)
  Beginner IIB:  
16 我想要 (I) 
17 唱唱唱!
18 相反词
19 他和我
20 我很怕
21 虫子
22 我的朋友
23 交朋友
24 成功属于你
25 做事情有方法
26 谁帮你
27 谢谢你
28 小草
29 我想要 (II)
30 蚂蚁
  Additional Resources:  
  Teacher's Manual Q&A:
For student-teacher role-play activity
Teacher's Manual Beginner IIA
Teacher's Manual Beginner IIB  
Sing2Learn is the most powerful and easiest way for teachers to teach languages with our teacher’s manual and teacher’s manual CD; our TM CD provides a lot of questions and is special for non-native speaking teacher to use.  
Sing2Learn material will help to inspire  teachers and students’ creativity and provide the perfect 2-way communication between teacher and student.  
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