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  Intermediate III  
  Suitable For  
  Those with the ability to speak without major problems and has the ability to read simple articles and write compound sentences  
  Intermediate IIIA (1 DVD, 3 CDs, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Intermediate IIIB (1 DVD, 3 CDs, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Additional Resources available below (teacher's manual, textbook, workbook)  
  1. Wide coverage of many grammar aspects in listening, reading, and writing.
  2. More inspirational and positive subject selections in this category such as: “Appreciate Your Teachers”, “Everyone is Good at Something”, etc. continue reinforcing positive values to learners.
  See Table of Contents below.  
  Intermediate IIIA:  
1 The Importance of Social Relationships
2 My Community
3 Everyone Is Good at Something
4 Teacher Appreciation
5 Transition Points in Life
6 Diverse Climates
7 Sportsmanship
8 Traveling and Transportation
9 Scholastic & Extra-Curricular Preferences
10 Health and Medicare System
11 Our Solar System
12 Let's Learn How to Cook!
13 Clothes III
14 My Daddy's Tools
15 Technology and Its Development
  Intermediate IIIB:  
16 Remember I Love You
17 Entertainment, Sports, and Hobbies
18 Do Your Best at School
19 Directions
20 Allowance
21 Visiting the Doctor
22 Social Norms
23 Synonyms and Antonyms
24 Computer Safety
25 Eating at a Restaurant
26 My School Day!
27 Care of the Home and People in the Community
28 Let's Celebrate!
29 Professions and the Working World
30 Significant Historical Figures
  Additional Resources:  
  Textbook Intermediate IIIA:  
Textbook Intermediate IIIB:  
Workbook Intermediate IIIA:  
Workbook Intermediate IIIB:  
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