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  Advanced II  
  Suitable For  
  Those with the ability to speak fluently, read and write simple articles  
  Advanced IIA (1 DVD, 3 CD, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Advanced IIB (1 DVD, 3 CD, 1 handbook) - 15 Songs  
  Additional Resources available below (teacher's manual, textbook, workbook)  
  1. Subject selections are more philosophical and inspirational than the previous series: “Maximizing Personal Happiness”, “Three Excellent Philosophies”, etc. Therefore, more advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures are introduced.
  2. Our textbook and workbook incorporate valuable exercises to aid in developing a student’s creative thinking and writing skills.
  See Table of Contents below.  
  Advanced IIA:  
1 Maximizing Personal Happiness
2 How to Be Creative
3 The Best Management
4 How to Solve Problems
5 Raising Excellent KidsĀ 
6 Do Not Be Afraid!
7 The World of Arts
8 Global Interdependence
9 Challenges in the U.S. School System
10 Famous Writers in American Culture
11 Global Economy and Careers
12 Let's Sing Our Love to the World
13 Three Excellent Philosophies
14 Challenges in the U.S. Healthcare System
15 Preparing for Natural Disasters
  Advanced IIB:  
16 Social Life and Its Expectations
17 Diverse Literature in Various Cultures
18 Protecting the World of Animals
19 Developing your Sixth Sense
20 Issues in the Technological World
21 International Social and Political Events
22 Religions and Beliefs of the World
23 Global Environmental Conditions
24 Renting an Apartment
25 Choosing Health Insurance
26 Home Repairs
27 Dating Etiquette
28 U.S. Citizenship Test - What to Know?
29 Global Hunger Issues
30 The Clothing Industry
  Additional Resources:  
  Textbook Advanced IIA:  
Textbook Advanced IIB:  
Workbook Advanced IIA  
Workbook Advanced IIB  
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